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"The leader’s job is not to cover all the bases - it is to see that all bases are covered" - James Crupi

Senior leadership development

Today’s senior executives are required to be flexible, positive and assertive.  Technical knowledge is a given; critical is how they lead their team - their human asset. An ability to plan and communicate effectively is essential as well as be strategic, innovative, decisive and creative. The ability to influence and persuade is key and, above all, today’s senior executives must be able to motivate and empower others within a cost-effective framework.

This business leadership initiative is aimed at providing senior executives with 'practical tools' for taking charge, as well as the opportunity to develop self-leadership with a view to being considered in future succession planning.  Focus is on self-organisation, value creation, planning, time management, communication and coaching skills, delegation, reducing conflict, increasing motivation, empowerment, staff retention and problem solving.

This process is powerful for both individual and group coaching.

Client Testimonial

“I work for a multi-national, global pharmaceutical services company headquartered in the USA with 25,000 employees in 60+ countries providing clinical, commercial, consulting and capital solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

The companies key services focus on cost-effective development, commercialisation and funding of medicines at a time of rising development costs, margin pressures on medicines from payers, patent expiries, increased regulation, and higher expectations from the public of medications. 

I initially contacted Fran Moscow because she had been recommended to me by a company Board member as an effective coach working with senior executives and CEOs and after we had spoken and met I felt confident we could work well together. 

Fran helped me in improving my confidence and self-belief and gave me techniques to use whereby I could come across as thoughtful, balanced and assertive as well as exhibiting leadership.  The coaching has enabled me to manage my personal brand better and be seen as a credible player at Board level.  Fran brings a unique balance of warmth combined with no nonsense approach and a willingness to challenge my thinking in a constructive way.  In particular she made me aware of my use of language and how an active awareness of it can be a powerful influencing tool. 

I had taken on a new role just before I commenced coaching and I am considered to have made a great success of it as well as making an impact on the organisation.  I am well regarded and trusted in my role, which is a critical one for the company, by the Executive Committee and the Board.    

I would wholeheartedly recommend Fran Moscow to all senior executives looking to enhance their capabilities and their profile”.  Dipti Amin, SVP Head of Compliance and Corporate Governance at Quintiles

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