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Executive team alignment

Executive Team Alignment is a process to build strong relationships on a Corporate Board, Executive Committee or a Private Equity Portfolio Company Leadership Team.

Many leaders experience feeling isolated and unsupported, particularly when it comes to leading their team in applying the necessary consistent action that will fulfil their vision. Conflict and mistrust among team members, executive turnover, lack of focus on team and over focus on the individual, are all challenges that impact a leaders’ ability to establish full team buy in to the business strategy.

As a result, leaders and their teams can become disconnected.  Executive Team Alignment enables the team to step away from the politics and reconnect.  The essence of the process is to build a powerful team around a compelling co-created vision and cultural strategies that will hold the team accountable to each other for their behaviours, relationships, business objectives and results.

What now becomes possible ist:

  • Everyone is confident and committed to the vision and it becomes a compelling force which pulls the team and company forward
  • Organisational leadership capability is strengthened
  • People do what they say they will do, creating an environment of trust, greater integrity and  a reduction in conflict
  • A momentum is created to take the actions that will deliver
  • A real cohesive team emerges, who stand for each other’s success as much as their own

Client Testimonial

“Fran has played a valuable role as an experienced, external reference point for the executive team of one of our portfolio companies. Through a process of individual coaching, and facilitated group sessions, Fran has helped ensure that the extended senior team are completely aligned with the strategic goals of the business.  We are pleased with the contribution Fran has made to ensuring this company continues to go from strength to strength.”  Richard Daw, Partner, Phoenix-Equity

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