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"Your success in life isn't based on your ability to simply change. It is based on your ability to change faster than your competition, customers and business."— Mark Sanborn

Private Equity

The Situation

FMC was introduced to a Private Equity Portfolio Company where the CEO was struggling with critical operational issues as a result of poor executive decisions; executive failure with associated significant costs as well as a fragmented executive team all of which consistently pulled the CEO back into the day to day running of the business.

The company is led by a passionate, determined, skillful CEO.  Yet another challenge was for him to recognise the negative impact his own leadership style was having on his senior team.

As a result, the investors’ were concerned about minimising business disruption and their ultimate exit.

Desired Outcome

Key objectives were for the CEO to become more self-aware around his leadership style; to remove himself from the day to day running of the company and concentrate being the ambassador for the firm in the creation of new business; for the executive team to be aligned behind a compelling vision and mission and associated strategies; successful induction of new members to the executive team; turnaround to enable the company to be successful operationally, allowing for the introduction of new profit streams and as a result increased profitability.  As important, the successful exit for both the Investors’ and the Executive Team.


Over a period of three years FMC Limited has conducted 1-1 coaching with the  CEO and the Executive Team; introduced the process of Executive Team Alignment; as well as leadership development for 2nd Tier Management to prepare them for ultimate exit.


The CEO trusts his senior team to run their part of the business and spends the majority of his time working alongside the Sales Director.  Between them they have leveraged business from existing clients and introduced major new clients and new business.  The company has made successful external hires, as well as significant organic promotion to the Executive Team.  Profitability has increased and the company is on track to achieve EBITDA expectation for the Investors’ and earn out for the Investors and the Executive Team.

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